Circo Latino on Day of the Dead

These tigers with their mothers’ wooden legs, how they will hang

their streak gleefully,

Paper tongues self-silence. Alebrijes, show us.

embrace like us

rock like babies

fly like children

back to the final hold

Will our ofrendas be enough when you return to ground?

Juggling is not a continuous act

only the suspension between each touch to our palms


Sandia hips her snow-child: wet, heavy, adorning

when she can carry him no longer, lets him slip away

she still feels the sweat of his legs wrapped around her waistline

Sandia hands him to the desert, to the rough hands of production and the fleeting bloom

an essence moved toward usable form, then used

There is no loss and yet we all mourn

the snow-child as a heaven to which his mother reaches.

I’ve been wishing this existed, so I made it.

I’ve been wishing this existed, so I made it.

You’ve been warned.

You’ve been warned.

Spring is here, kind of.

Spring is here, kind of.

Santa Fe Plaza

The men walk as if through the Arch of Constantine

riding their legs like chariots

conquistadors of the beaten path

clearing the unwild in saddle-soaped boots

The women swish and pause as if their denim were flamenco skirts, intuit the tempo from their dance partners admiring the bejeweled

portal, swish and pause, they demure at Puebloan knees, Navajo hemlines, they swish and pause to the beat of reverential disinterest

Our family and the Arizona book bans →

I learned how to do a breakout photo.

I learned how to do a breakout photo.

Home Editing

Kill your darlings is one of the writing terms which has become a mantra to me over the last year of homemaking.

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